Monday, April 11, 2011

It's actually strange going home nowadays. Not only because of going back to the family dynamics of living, but also going back to a relaxed way of life. I've personally had it very easy, if not extremely spoiled, all my life, so Ringling was a big change. However going back now, I feel almost uneasy just sitting on my couch and watching tv. For the better however, I'm much better at doing chores, even doing that without being asked, I know, a big shocker. As different as it is now, being home eventually starts to feel perfect again, and I never want to give it up.

I feel I'm very different than everyone around me. Sometimes I feel like a lot of people have certain masks they put on for socializing with certain groups, if not specific people. It's almost painful watching people literally switch right in front of my eyes, as they talk to different people. I feel, or at least hope that I have a little more consistency in the way I act. I try to be honest and happy constantly, because that's how I feel.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Invulnerability is a foolish quest, because to strive for it is to also strive for lonliness. If ever you've adapted yourself to not be affected by pain, you've also sacrificed pleasure. And it's some of that pain that eventually GIVES us pleasure, in some form or another, it's just all in the way you look at things. And if were to be able to not recognize and understand pain, we would not be able to be there and help out our loved ones when they were going through some as well.

Courage isn't not being scared, it's just not letting the other guy know you're scared. As a little secret, I'm still scared about college to this day, and always have been.
Last bit of inspiration, is this;

What. A. Song.
Third section of this whole 'inspiration' thing, although similar to the last, is much more deeply rooted in giving me drive.

The 2008 Speed Racer movie, my by-far-and-away favorite movie of all time. Oh how it looks in blu-ray.
Next bit of inspiration moves a little faster.

Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, specifically the recently released addition of the Pagani Zonda R. What a vehicle.
It being Spring Break and all, my first bit of inspiration is obvious.

That's right, the gosh dang beach.